Standard Features

EK Mount with Torqueedo
Motor mount with custom base plate.
EK Mount with Torqueedo
Custom base plate on Lure with Torqeedo motor.
Our motor packages feature made-to-fit mounting systems that can be modified to fit most kayaks available on the market (over 50 makes and models to date - we specialize in custom installation). The package includes a Minn Kota motor from either the Endura or Riptide lines, depending on your need for a freshwater or saltwater motor. Every motor package includes the following standard features. Please see our optional features for further enhancements for your motor package.

Minn Kota Endura 30 or Endura 45 for Freshwater options

Minn Kota Riptide 45 or Riptide 55 for Saltwater options

Standard motor bracket with quick pin release feature

Custom made base plate to fit any kayak model if required

Motor wire harness with 60amp fuse

Control box with Ram ball mount

Tiller arm and steering cables

Manual motor tilt with rope & jam cleat

IP68 Watertight Integrity

Two year warranty / Extended Warranty available

Available Options

Tarpon 130 with Saltwater motor
Tarpon 130 with a saltwater (Riptide) motor and custom base plate
Stealth 14 with Saltwater motor
Stealth 14 with a saltwater (Riptide) motor and custom base plate
A number of options are available for our motor packages. Not every option is available for every motor and mount package, if you are curious about specific options please contact our Dealer(s) or us directly for more information.

Freshwater (Endura) or Saltwater (Riptide) motors

Variable Speed Control for Endura 45 and Riptide 45

Wireless Speed & Steering Control for Endura 45 and Riptide 45

Second Battery Pack for Riptide 55

Power Motor Tilt

Kill Switch with Lanyard

Package Pricing

All of our motor packages come with our standard features and in a base package, outlined in the blocks below. Additional options are available to those that want them. Packages are available primarily through our dealer(s) at this time and prices are what is currently set in store. Dealer information is provided below.

Each motor produces 30, 45 or 55 lbs of power, represented by the number next to the class. Endura motors are freshwater motors, and are generally not suited for use in saltwater areas. Riptide motors are usable in both fresh and salt water areas.

The 5/3 speed controller is available standard on the Endura 30, Endura 45 and Riptide 45. The Variable speed controller is available standard on the Riptide 55 and as an option on the Riptide 45 and Endura 45. Additionally, a wireless control option is available, allowing for remote speed and steering.

All motors come with a 2 year warranty and free shipping.

Motor Packages

Motor packages available for purchase as complete installable kits.

MK Endura 30 with 5/3 speed
MK Endura 30 with Variable Speed
MK Endura 45 with 5/3 speed
MK Endura 45 with Variable speed
MK Riptide 45 with 5/3 speed
MK Riptide 45 with Variable speed
MK Riptide 55 with Variable speed
Wireless Control Option
Power Tilt option

DIY Kits

DIY kits feature our custom made brackets and mounting systems with the 5/3 speed or variable speed setups.

DIY Kit for 5/3 speed (Motor not included.)
DIY Kit for Variable speed (Motor not included.)

DIY Parts & Accessories

Parts and accessories available for our DIY kits.

Electric Kayak Company (EKC), Minn Kota (MK)

EKC Motor Bracket (Quick Release) w/ MK Hinge
Base Plate for EKC Bracket
Base Plate for Torqeedo (NEW)
Base Plate for Motor & Power Pole
5/3 Speed Switch Box w/ Heyco Conduit Fittings & Fuse
Steering Tiller Arm (1.125" shaft diameter)
Manual Tilt Kit
Steering Cable Kit
Top Motor Shaft Fitting w/ Heyco Fittings
Flex Conduit (per ft.)
Kill Switch Assembly
Telescoping 6ft Tiller Pole w/ Tiller Arm
Kipawa 3-Blade Propeller

Dealer Contacts

Motor package sales and installation available through our dealers. Please see the contact information below.